Iodide Ion-Selective Electrode

Iodide Ion-Selective Electrode

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Iodide half-cell Ion Selective Electrode. Single ION Probe, 1m cable, BNC end and Mini Electrode inserted.

The Iodide Ion-Selective Electrode (ISE) can be used to measure the concentration of Iodide (I-) in aqueous samples.

Solid-state selective electrode based on Carbon Nanotube. 

UEF: S127



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Use Iodide sensor (Ion Selective Electrode, ISE) to measure the (I-) ion in aqueous solutions.

Iodide ISE are a half-cell (reference not integrated) ion selective electrode (ISE) with an robust body, solid-state PVC (polymer) membrane selective to Iodide ions in solution. It is recommended for use with any Ion or mV meter and a reference electrode. 



UEF: S127

Diameter: 12 mm

Lenght: 150 mm

Connector: BNC

Cable: 1m 

Linear range: 0,1 a 12000 mg/L - 1e-6 a 0,1 mol/L

Single Ion Compatible: Standard Ion/mV/pH Meters



Measuring equipment or ionmeter, which allows recording the electrical signal generated by the electrodes system. The measuring equipment or ion meter must be able to read the electromotive force generated in millivolts (mV). Reference electrode or pH combination electrode in order to close the electrical circuit. NT Sensors, have several equipment in order to perform your measures, please ask which equipment is the most suitable according to your requirements. It is strongly recommended to properly read the instruction or userguide from your meter.



What's Includes

- Single Ion Probe

- Mini ISE for Iodide (I-)

User manual



The warranty is valid through a 6 month from the invoice of the electrode. The warranty cover any type of manufacturing defect.

It must be note than the lifespan of the electrode could be less than this warranty period due to the use, the sample type/matrix, or the storage. 



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